rainy daySSSS

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Its raining so hard these past few days and i just want to lie in bed all the time. But no, i have  a job to keep. LOL
And to be honest, i prefer rainy season than summer. (sorry Tego~)
I like feeling cold that you need to be bundled up with a lot of clothes. Haha~

Anyways, i dont have much important things to say. Im just quite bored. (Though im in the office supposedly working!)

OHH! Yeah! NEWS will have a new song for Wing's "Miss Surenda!" cm.

Its title is “シリウス (Shiriusu)
Way to go NEWS!
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long time no post here. ^_^

fortunately and unfortunately, im busy at work that's why i cant be as active as before. But im always browsing in Tumblr coz for some reason, it can be accessed within my company's network. Then i stumbled upon this photo:

what a gorgeous shot.

So, i just want to say thank you to this adorable guy, and the rest of the gang. He's my great inspiration. Whenever i feel scared and doubting myself, i always think of how he might approach the situation. and then instantly, i will feel the courage to move forward. Actually, soemthing good happened to me at work. Opportunities are coming in my way and i decided to just go and grab them. My seniors are recognizing me so who the hell i am to say no? HAHA.

anyways, time to work again.

P.S. tomorrow, im going to get my copy of Chumuchumu. Finally! :)

Akimashite omedetou~

yo! hisashiburi~

i'm still alive and so my love for NEWS. Haha~

2014 was just so busy for me, a lot of changes and happenings. And i can only hope for the best this year 2015. ^_^

i wish all of you good health and happiness! For NEWS, stay handsome. Haha. Cheers for a great year ahead!

im writing this on a bus on my way to work so i dont have access to a lot of pics so i'll just share my phone wallie for the whole holiday season. HAHA




a very very late post and very quick and very short. hehe~
it's still September anyway. :p



It's been eleven years... wow~ i've been your fan not even half of your group's lifetime.
How i wish i knew you from the start, but there's nothing i can do about it now.
We can only look forward, right?
My goal is to be your fan for more than half of your group's lifetime!
So we need many many years to come.
I won't stop supporting you guys.
Besides, its not that hard to stay with you.
You simply make me happy and that's more than enough.

Cheers to these awesome boys!!!!


it's been so long, i missed posting here and i miss you people! Life's crazy busy and i have less free time than before. Everything changes BUT MY LOVE FOR NEWS WILL NOT!
i also saw my anniv post from last year, it's so nostalgic.

and wait, let me just flail with these very biased screencaps from SEVEN COLORS. Dahil si Tegoshi ay panira ng prinsipyo sa buhay. Let's just say color orange is not a favorite of mine but he just made it looks so lovable in my eyes. HAHAHA.

it's really too bright. (*o*)
dear Tego, your exquisite smile fades away my infidelity.



It's really been a long time. I can't believe that i managed to not have my usual everyday dosage of fandom/flailings/fangirling these past four months. i missed so much things, but not everything. ^___^ Im just not as active or updated as before but i'm still the addicted fangirl as before. I'm so certain now that won't ever change. Being busy doesn't keep me from loving NEWS. In fact, it made me missed them so much, everyday. Seriously, there are days, especially the shitty ones, when i want to scream or at least cry because i so freaking missed them and i just want to go back to the old times. Yeah, how i wished i can just turn back time. But there's no choice but to move forward, so what the hell, i'm not going to feel so depressed about that. I believe there's so many good things coming in my way. :) In both real and fandom life.

Then, i want to commend Tegomass for the Hikari PV. <3 Best PV ever. Before, Aoi Bench was my favorite, Hikari beats it. And i' so excited for the NEWS 10th Anniv DVD. Finally!!!!
Tegoshi has been pretty much busy too these past months, i believe. Days and weeks passed by as fast as he changes his hair color and style. That~i'm so aware. LOL. And i want to be honest here, i'm not a fan of his hair nowadays. I want it to be a little bit longer. It's boon and bane. Haha. Why, it saves my money. I'm not tempted to buy Tegomass concert goods. wehehehehe~ And the magazines are not to my liking too. Well, i like them because it's still them, but it didnt hurt for me to not buy. XDD *wallet dancing* BUT i'm sad i'm not having anything. T^T (im so magulo~ haha)
Shige is releasing his third novel. As expected of him. I'm so proud. And i heard Kei-chan became head caster at Every.  What about Massu? What's he up to?? haha~ just jokin, we love you Massu. Keep doing whatever you are doing. LOL

Okay, i have a lot of catching up to do. :)

Lastly, i just want to thank my friends for some random meet ups. I hope to see them again very soon. Then, i should really thanks CTC too, my texting clan/group. It is the closest link i have to fandom. I will include in this post the recent activity we had. I really like it because it's somehow relatable to Tegomass no Seishun and i go nostalgic with it, reminds me of my childhood. Speaking of, my older brother will be home in no less than two weeks. XDD And oh, i almost forgot, i missed my chance to watch Avril Lavigne's concert last night. T____T It's so within my reach, yet i failed. waaaah~ i'm so frustrated. :(

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hee~ i just want to grace this post with some beauty.
Tegoshi with a guitar would always melts me. :)

NEWS in Dodesuka [08.28.2013] and Hongkong TV Concert Report (Chichibunomiya)

(i love their costume)

NEWS in Dodesuka (08.28.2013)
duration: 09mins53secs
size: 379mb(avi)
credit: popo t@yt

Hongkong TV news report
duration: 4mins46secs
size: 30.5mb (flv)
credit: cdkwanTM@yt


As expected and as usual, NEWS are so cool and gorgeous and handsome. XD
These tidbits of their live are making me so excited for the DVD. And the Tokyo Dome event for their anniv. :)



Welcome, this is your access to a new stage.
Another opening of a new page.
We have been waiting for you, for a decade to breakthrough.
Here, from the center of Tokyo.
We'll unite and take control. We'll cross nations and generations.
We'll see beauty and new sensations.
We'' fly to the north,overseas, to the south on the wind, to the east and glide west for world quest.
We are accomplice to your future.
We will guide you to the ultra.
We are the four.
We are what you've been looking for.

We are back.
We are NEWS.


This gave me chills. All the NEWS feels i have from the start (during those happy 6nin days, the waiting time, their comeback, until these days) came back to me. My first reaction was speechless... the message was just too much. I almost cry.
I'll be forever grateful for these four guys.
Yes, you are NEWS. i'm so glad you are NEWS.



Go on, make me fall in love with your every song. <3 But GREEDIER is my favorite so far (among Koi Matsuri, 4+Fan and Nagisa no Oneesama).

Major LSS.

i love you~
kimi no egao zutto miteitai
sonna furi omoittara
i'm just a little bit greedier now
konna suna hama no saki no dokoka ni futari dake ga
ata wo mukaeru basho ga aru

i'm just a little bit greedier now~ (i love you Tego!!!)
i'm just a little bit greedier...yeah~ (SHIGE!!! asdfghjkl.)
i'm just a little bit greedier now~

Spreading the NEWS love, here's an mp3 of it's preview from Kchan NEWS.
(source:さと パーナ)

It's only the first 2 minutes, but i love it already. After listening to it, i was like, 'MORE!'. Haha, i guess i'm just a little bit greedier now. Tch, this is really a good song, it sounds and feels like they are serenading. The melody is so dreamy, and the setting is the beach again. Sweet. Another summer love song. I love it so much.
I'm so excited for the whole album, it seems Tego is right, this album is the best among all their albums. Omedetou NEWS!