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A 'can't help it' post


You've wandered off too far,

you've forgotten who you are;

you've let down the ones you love,

you've given up too much.

You once made a deal with time,

now it's slipping by too fast--

you can't borrow from the future,

to make up for the past.

You forsake all that you hold dear,

for a dream that is not your own;

you would rather live a lie--

than live your life alone.

by Lang Leav

I like this poem so much. Somehow, it speaks to me deeply... i wish i could write things like these lol Makes me look back on my highschool days, when it seems i can do anything. I used to write, draw and dance. Everything was fun back then. I wonder what happen. Where did that 'me' go? I miss her.

I dont like this to be a gloomy post but i really cant help it. I felt like i need to post this poem here, for a reason which i dont know-- or maybe i dont want to know. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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