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Maru went to NEWS' concert?!!!

Like my source for this, i am so surprised i havent heard this from anyone. Or maybe im just not that updated anymore. LOL But apparently, Maruyama Ryuhei of Kanjani8 went to their Final concert. How nice was that!

photo credit: graphicabyss
original source

Maru's Special Day, 2015.06.15

I went to a NEWS concert!

I was so lucky to make it to the Final!

I also bought the shirt and wore it!
I’m a fan of Kato Shigeaki!

Shigeaki, you were cool!

The atmosphere around NEWS was really nice.♥
Tegonyan, your face is always my type!

I hugged him when we shook hands. ♥♥
Hee ♥

To all Tegoshi fans, sorry~

I hope you all have a great day too!

translated by graphicabyss

This was so nice and cute and awesome and funny that i need to put here in my journal. I would love to see Shige's reaction to that "fan" remark of Maru. Yihee~ LOL. And gosh~ he was smitten by Tegoshi's beauty TOO. i just laughed out loud, really. (cant blame him though, everyone's a victim, or no? haha)

Here's our dear Shige and Maru for you~

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